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November 2020

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Important Dates in November

5th - End of the First 9-weeks

6th - 3-hour Early Dismissal

11th - No School- Happy Veteran's Day!

12th - First 9-week Grades Available in Skyward

18th - Picture Re-take Day

26th - No School- Happy Thanksgiving!

27th - No School

30th - No School

Thank you, Veterans!

It has been a tradition at Lenape Elementary to honor local Veteran's with a program and refreshments each year. With the gathering restrictions, we will be unable to celebrate our Veteran's in the same way. Through our facebook page we will feature our students as they honor local Veterans.

Birthday Celebrations

If you wish to send in a birthday treat this year, please be sure food items are individually wrapped and pre-packaged. Small trinkets like pencils, erasers, stickers, and playdough also make great alternative treats.

Prior to sending in a treat for your child, be sure to communicate with the teacher to confirm the number of students in the classroom as well as any known food allergies.

Updated Office Procedures

  • Upon arriving at the school, use the call button to the left of the front doors.
  • Please use the computer to sign your students in or out of school.
  • When dropping items off at school, bring them labeled with the students full name and teacher name. It can be left on the table and will be delivered to the classroom.
  • Medication can be hand delivered right to the nurses office.
  • Always call to schedule meetings with administrators or support staff in advance.

Car Riders- Back Doors

The Back Doors where car riders are dropped off close at 8:35. Please be prompt in the morning and do not leave your child off if the doors are closed and no staff are outside to take temperatures. Bring the students around to the front entrance once the back doors are closed.

*Please be aware that a very warm vehicle may cause a misreading on the thermometer.

Title I News and Notes

Hello Families! This year we have seen some changes to how we are doing things in Title 1, including Virtual Back to School Night and Virtual Conferences. It was such a pleasure for the Title 1 teachers to “meet” with you via Google Meets and Telephone Conferences!

Did You Know? Early literacy can start at birth! Babies who are held and snuggled while being read to develop an early love for books! They relax as they listen to your voice and will begin to imitate the sounds you make as you read, which helps develop their speech skills.

A fun activity you can do with your child is to play “What is That First Sound?” with them. When your child is learning the sound letter “t” makes, think of words that begin with that sound and ask them, “What is the first sound you hear in turtle? In tea? In telephone?” etc. This is an excellent skill for them to build on for early reading!

Did You Know? For your older kiddos, repeated readings help kids develop smooth, quick reading. Each time they re-read a word, a sentence, a page, or a book, the more familiar they become with it. They begin to remember the text and can read it more quickly and accurately! Encourage them to reread!

Lastly: We are in the early stages of planning our Title 1 Virtual Book Clubs. Look for information in your child’s folder! Happy Reading!!

-Ms. Reich, Ms. Danka, Ms. Hirshka, Mr. McLafferty

News from the School Nurse

Please do not send your sick child to school if they have these symptoms:

Group A: (one or more symptoms)

Fever of 100.4 or higher * Cough * Shortness of breath * Difficulty breathing

Group B: (Two or more symptoms)

Sore Throat * Runny nose/ congestion * Chills * New lack of smell or taste * Muscle pain * *Nausea or vomiting * Headache * Diarrhea

Please notify the nursing office at 724-763-5299 Option#3 if your child is exposed to someone with Covid-19 or if you are having your child tested for Covid-19.

Click HERE for additional Covid-19 information.

*If your child has allergies, please make sure he/she has his/her allergy medication administered every day.

**Wash your child’s mask frequently, ideally- every day.

Wash out your child’s water bottle daily with soap and warm/hot water and rinse thoroughly.

Kindergartners must submit their immunizations by Monday, November 9, 2020 or they will risk exclusion from school.

If the Kindergartner has an upcoming appointment for "catch-up" immunizations, the nursing office needs an appointment time and doctor's name/business name to create an immunization plan.

Kindergartner's are mandated to submit a Physical signed by the doctor, and a Dental signed by the dentist before the end of the present school year

All 3rd graders are mandated to submit a Dental exam signed by a dentist by the end of the present school year.

All 6th graders are mandated to submit a Physical, Scoliosis, and updated immunizations: TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) and Meningococcal (MCV/Menactra) by the end of the present school year.

What are the benefits

of flu (Influenza) vaccination?

  • Flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick with flu.
  • Flu vaccination can reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization for children, working age adults, and older adults.
  • Flu vaccination is an important preventive tool for people with chronic health conditions.
  • Flu vaccination helps protect women during and after pregnancy.
  • Flu vaccine can be lifesaving in children.
  • Flu vaccination has been shown in several studies to reduce severity of illness in people who get vaccinated but still get sick.
  • Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, including those who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness, like babies and young children, older people, and people with certain chronic health conditions.

For a more detailed explanation of the above benefits, visit the reference below.



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