My Smore Flyer

By: Yash Lad and Manin Sehgal

Organic Theory

A state is like a living being and it needs "nutrition" to flourish. And it goes through all the stages of life.

Theory formed by Aristotle approximately 360 BC

Rimland Theory

Taking over the coastal areas of Eurasia is the key to world domination.

Theory invented by Nicolas Spykman during the mid-20th century

Heartland Theory

Taking over the Eastern Europe mainland would be the key to world domination.

Theory contrived by Halford Mackinder during the early-20th century


  • Heartland and Rimland, both, are theories regarding world domination
  • Heartland and Rimland were both brought about during the 20th century


  • Rimland theory states Russia was going to dominate the world, but Heartland states England was
  • Heartland was formed in the early-20th century while Rimland was invented during the mid-20th century
  • Organic theory has nothing to do with world domination
  • Heartland referred to "the Europe mainland" and Rimland said "the border of all of Eurasia"