Coaching Chronicle: CGI Edition

October 17-21, 2016

Find out how the teachers and students at Estock Elementary School in TUSD are growing and changing!
Weekly Coaching Schedule

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Coaching This Week

  • Monday: JOT - CGI CPR, 2:35 in Room K1
  • Wednesday: Word Study PD for 3rd-5th grade teachers @1:45 in Room E2.
  • Friday: STEMscopes training --> AM with levels (K - Loma Vista, 1st - Hicks Canyon, 2nd - Heritage, 3rd - Myford, 4th - Tustin Ranch, 5th - Hicks Canyon); PM @ Estock
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Counting collections helps our students use CONCRETE objects to count, create REPRESENTATIONAL drawings of what they did, and add ABSTRACT details like numerals.

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This process is KEY for true mathematical learning to occur. Don't just skip to the abstract: help students understand what numbers MEAN!

Counting Tools - Click on your grade level for access to PDF versions of the tools!


"Counting Collections Isn't Just for Primary Grade Students"

Upper Grade Ideas

Helpful Videos from Teaching Channel

CGI Strategies Sheet

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