Computer Hardware


Hard Drive (HDD/SSD)

Hard Drive is the divice that runs the computer.
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Touch Screen

Touch screen is a screan that you can controll by touching it
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A monitor is a computer screen
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Optical drive

A optical drive is like a disk drive that uses lazor light or electro magnetic waves to reading or writing data to or from opticaldrive


CPU stands for central prossessing unit. It is the hardware which carrys out instructions.
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RAM stands for random acces memory. A RAM is a type of cmputer memory or data storage.
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The motherboard is the main circut board in computing.
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Input and output devices

An input device is things that go in the computer such as a keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, videocam, touch screen, digitalcam, webcam, microphone, light pens and a barcode reader. A output device is things that come out from the computer such as a printer, monitor, speakers.
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