Christian beliefs

What Christians Believe

Gods followers are known as Christians they believe that God has created everything and he has a son named Jesus who later in his life ( thirty three) got crucified on a cross and rose three days later.Christians Christians also believe that baptism marks a Christian's entrance into church, baptism is when you splash a person's head with blessed water, or holy water to accept them into a church we also believe in having communion every first Sunday where we get bread(which represents Jesus's body ) and dip it into wine or grape juice ( which represents Jesus's blood). Christians go to church every Sunday to pray to God a church is also known as god's home. A Christian worship leader is called a minister or a priest. Ministers or priests lead the prayer and the service where we read a verse of the bible.A bible is the holy book that all Christians follow. It has two testaments (old and new) and it tells you the story of all of Gods's wonders and the ten commandments we must follow. Christians celebrate Christmas which is the day Jesus was born on (December 25th) in a stable because there was no room in the inn, and the shepherds and Wise men came to see the newborn child. Another holiday Christians celebrate is Easter which is celebrated because that day (March 27th) is the day Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified three days earlier on a cross. Many Christians want to go to Jerusalem one day because that is where Jesus was born which is known as holy land or the holy city. A common figure to all three religions ( Christianity, Judaism, and Islam ) is Abraham who discovered all three religions. To Christians and Jews their God is God and to Muslims their God is Allah.