A Heart Warming Christmas Tale

Need a little joy this Holiday?

Pick up this great new kids book about a young girl and her dog who get in a fight but soon realize that they need each other this Christmas.
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Why should your family read this book?

This book with excite your younger kids and show them the true meaning of Christmas. Your kids will understand that you need your family and to not forget about the important things this Christmas.

Book Review

Review from Barnes and Nobles Book Store ( Manager )

"This book is a great book for the family. It filled my families heart with love and got us all super excited for Christmas this year! I rate this a 5 out 5! Loved it!"

To find out more about this book go to: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fW9dsC3PaLhSzKu4_21Rm8cmHiYcACaBTtU0gB075-w/edit#slide=id.g72d0ef8db_0_0