Title 1 Newsletter

2014-2015 School Year

PTSA/Title 1 Parent Meetings

R.B. Stall High School is proud to announce that we had a consistently great turn-out at every parent meeting this school year. We started off the year with an open-house on September 16th, 2014. Parents received a welcome message from our Principal, Kim Wilson, and our PTSA President, Sheila Kirnon, gave the Call to Order. We proceeded with the ROTC Color Guard, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. Parents were indulged by the music of our Steal Warriors, led by Jake Cummings. This led to the installation of the PTSA Officers, which welcomed Sheila Kirnon as the Local Unit President, Antwon Bisbane as the President-Elect, Calisha S. Smalls as the Vice-President, Linda Brinson as the Treasurer, Tawayne Weems as the Secretary, and Margaret Cochran as the Legislative Chair. The review and adoption of the PTSA budget was completed. Our Associate Principal, Michael Ward, spoke about the Race to the Top Grant, the school's participation in Title 1 (Free/Reduced Lunch), and the requirements of Title 1 Parents' Right to be Involved in their Child's Education. Bilingual Parent Advocate, Erica Ewing, spoke about the 2014-2015 School-Home Compact and the 2014-2015 Parent Involvement Policy. Jeremy Carrick, Assistant Principal, spoke about the Parent Portal, progress reports, and Warrior Time. Ian Jones, Assistant Principal, informed parents about the Meet and Greet protocol, and later gave the early release for parent-teacher conferences. Parents met with teachers and familiarized themselves with the school.

We started our February 10th meeting with a Call to Order by PTSA President, Sheila Kirnon. The ROTC Color Guard presented the colors, and the National Anthem was performed by the Harmony Choir, led by Joshua Radecke. The Steel Warriors, led by Jake Cummings, performed popular songs on their steel drums. Mr. Wilson welcomed all attendees. Ms. Kirnon discussed the minutes from the PTSA meeting held on November 13th, 2014. Mr. Ward spoke about the After-School and COPE programs. Mr. Carrick spoke about Parent Portal, progress reports, and Warrior Time. Mr. Jones spoke about the new parent website, parent workshops, and the release for parent conferences. A ninth grade meeting was held after dismissal. Parents were informed about Personalized Learning in the school.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Free English classes were provided to all parents this 2014-2015 school year. These classes were held in our Media Center's Computer Laboratory, and the classes were taught by Nancy Strickland, ESOL Teacher, every Tuesday from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Parents were able to sign-up for these classes in the beginning and throughout the school year by filling out a physical form, or by contacting the school by phone.
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