The Issue of Crowded Hallways

By: Abby Johnson

What exactly is the issue?

The issue is that the CHS hallways are crowded between periods.

What is causing it?

The amount of kids in the halls and they spot right in the middle and talk to friends or they walk on the wrong side of the hallway and everyone has to move for the people.

What is the extent of the problem?

That it is really hard to walk in the hallways and some kids don't get to class in time. Also some people trip or fall on the stairs because the population has grown alto since there are new 9th graders coming up.

How long has it been an issue and has it gotten worse or better of the past year?

-Well one year for me but it has properly for about 10 years because the population has grown a lot since.

- It has gotten worse because of how many people are coming each year.

What data can you find to support the claim that this is a school issue?

Well people on the internet are having the school issue at their school. The principle at Norman High School said that the hallways are so crowded that you can't even get through. "The hallways are bad"

What trends do you see in the data?

Everyone on the internet is saying that it is a big issue and they are late to class because people just stop in the hallways and talk. Also at Norman High School, the kids said that there are to many people at the school and need wider hallways/halls.

Group/People that have looked into this issue!

Sparkman High School:

  • Crowed hallways are an issue in most schools.
  • They need to some how make it where groups in the hallways go different times so people can have space and stop bumping elbows in the halls.

Kentwood High school:

  • Kids are complaining about how people just stop in the hallways and the doors are to small for 4 or 5 people to fit in.
  • There are people making out and talk in front of the stairs. These students don't know what to do.
  • There are also fights in the hallway. Kids thought of ideas and to just sing to them and they will move.

  • There problem- The crowded hallways are very common and there can be a fix.
  • There solution- to have different bell schedules and have it where you classes start at different times.
  • The reflection- Many parents are also trying to help with the problem and think of what we can fix to be better.


  • The teachers are trying to fix the problem of crowded halls. The teachers are talking to the office and discussing it with other teachers.
  • They were thinking of having different bells to release people at different times but doesn't know how it is going to work.

My Solution

Over lapping the bells:

  • The kids would be able to get through the halls faster.
  • The kids will be able to get to class in time.
  • The kids won't get shoved around in the hall.
  • The teachers are able to get to their meetings on time.
  • People will not as aggravated during the passing periods.
  • People will be able to move through the halls much quicker and will not have any stress trying to get to class on time.
Crowded Hallways