President Ford

Ford's journey into Presidency

  • first to become President purely based on the votes by Congress after the resignation of Nixon
  • resigned as his name had been tainted
  • Spiro Agnew, the Vice President, also resigned from office
  • this left no President or Vice President
  • Ford was chosen by Congress but not elected based the votes of America and the Electoral College
  • chosen in place after Nixon resigned = there was a stench of illegitimacy that flowed through the White House due to the Watergate Scandal
  • became president on August 1974
  • popular view that he was a dumb football player
  • Ford Pardon: pardoned Nixon from all his crimes
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Ending of the Vietnam War

  • 1975: North Vietnam concentrates strength and moves South
  • Ford wants to send war materials to Vietnam but Congress does not approve
  • South Vietnam falls
  • April 29, 1975: finally the final American soldiers depart Vietnam
  • 140,000 South Vietnamese people also get rescued
  • in the end, 500,000 Vietnamese people ended making there way to America
  • Americans had in a sense lost the war as well as their 'client'
  • $118 billion were spent towards the war
  • America had 56,000 dead soldiers and 300,000 wounded soldiers by the end of the war
  • lost economic strength and confidence
  • hit to America's self esteem = lost in front of foreign eyes
  • their power and pride had hurt Vietnam
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