December Technology In-service

Online session only!

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Infographics - A Digital Research Project Alternative (ONLINE PD SESSION)

Session Description:

Are you tired of reading stacks of research papers? Are you trying to figure out how to meet those standards regarding multimedia presentations? Join this online session to learn about infographics. You will learn the benefits of teaching students to use infographics and how you and your students can create stunning data presentations using online platforms like Piktochart, Infogram, and Thinglink.


  • Define "Infographic."
  • Examine the benefits of students creating infographics to communicate their research findings.
  • Compare and contrast the pros and cons of three different programs for creating infographics.
  • Create an infographic using one of the programs demonstrated.
  • Find or create rubrics for assessing infographics.

Inservice credits: 1.5

Dates: beginning December 1 - deadline December 14

*If you register for the session, you will receive an email on Dec. 1 with a link to log into the session; then you will have 2 weeks to complete the session. The session will close on December 14. Time spent and all responses are recorded by analytics so that I can see that you’ve spent the required amount of time in the session and that you’ve completed all embedded questions and activities.