Chizmar landscaping

Call Chizmar Landscaping they help you salt slippery stuff

Salting in the winter

It is very useful in the winter when there is a blizzard or something they can get a call saying come help us salt our drive way and they will come out there right away when they have time to and when they are not busy right that minute.

Chizmar Landscaping is a great business it helps you with the snow it salts the side walks and stuff to make them not slippery anymore.

Call if you need any help shoveling or salting your driveway or sidewalks.

Come to our business right away if need your sidewalk, drive way stairs etc to be salted so there is no more ice so nobody will fall out side.

We are a great business

I love Chizmar Landscaping.

Be careful out on the ice

Out side when it gets very cold it is like an ice skating rink so you have to be very careful, on the ice