DMS Theme

By: Liam R. Bogue


The theme going throughout Discovery is that we need to like who we are and what we do. One reason would be because we have artwork, industrial tech work, and robotics club work on the walls, and it is showing us the great work that we have done. Secondly, we have "no bullying" posters on the wall to make sure that we feel good about ourselves. Lastly, Discovery Middle School has encouraging things like, "You can be amazing." (The picture is showing the encouragement That relates to all of us because we all need to like who that we get in the halls at DMS.)

we are, and DMS is helping us with that.

Be Yourself
This is a motivational video about whoever you are be yourself.
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Walt Disney

Walt is saying that you make yourself who you are, and don't be like anyone else.


Does DMS have good students, good teachers, good principals, good custodians, good councilors? I would say all of the above. DMS is here to help us get a better head start on life. They are doing that by letting us be surrounded by us. We get to see the good that we have done, and let us celebrate it. We get to be lead by people who were like us in childhood, as a teenager, and so on. I am very thankful to have DMS as my school.