Warren Elementary Weekly Update

May 11- May 15

Thank You!

Warren families,

What a journey this year has been! During Teacher Appreciation week, the Warren staff stopped and reflected. We reflected upon our changed learning environment, all that we have learned, and most importantly what we have learned from you all! Your support has been astounding!

Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness during Teacher Appreciation week. What a gift it is to have the opportunity to teach your child/children.

During Teacher Appreciation week Warren staff also discussed the role of parents as their child’s teacher; you are their number one teacher! The Warren staff made you, parents, a video thanking you for your tenacity, grit, positivity, and so much more. We thought it important you too be appreciated during this time. We are in this together and we will continue to adapt and learn how to best support your child/children.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Mrs. Wilkins


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Next week: Library Books Can Be Returned

Starting next Monday (May 18), library books can be returned @ Entry 1 during the Grab and Go Lunch time slot.

Library books can be returned Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 11:45- 1:00.

· Library books returned do not have to be specific to Warren—all Helena School district library books will be accepted
· New books cannot be checked out
· During library returns social distancing practices will be adhered to. Students will not be able to enter the building

Warren's May Newsletter (Thank you Mrs. Hornby!)

We are so PROUD of our Warren Students!

Every week teachers will highlight their wonderful students. All students will be featured by the end of the school year, so keep a look out for your child/children. Way to go Warren Wolverines! #WarrenStrong

This Week's Featured Students

Kindergarten- Mrs. Ralph

Jonathan: He is a eager to do his school work and is reading so fluently. He misses his friends and we miss him.

Bella: She took a trip to Sculptures in the Woods by Lincoln, MT. She said she loved all of the sculptures. She celebrated her 6th Birthday!

Calvin: He has worked hard on his schooling. I loved to see him from a distance last week!

Claire: She is teaching her younger sister as she does her schooling. She has a new basketball hoop and really miss her friends and can't wait to play with them again.

Kindergarten- Mrs. Sorensen

Rilie has been doing projects at home with her mom and brother. She also is learning to ride her bike without training wheels.

Cadie has been a big help to her mom during this break. She helps with the laundry by switching the clothes to the dryer all by herself. Way to be a helper Cadie!

Kindergarten- Mrs. Tabaracci

Becca has been venturing out to the lakes to fish with her mom and brother. She is learning all about fish eggs and then rides the 4-wheeler. She is reading so well and counting a lot!

Hannah has become a computer whiz, or at least likes to explore the buttons on TEAMS. She is riding her bike a lot. She reads difficult books and loves a good challenge in math.

Brayden is busy with the many animals at his house. He has a new foal that he checks on frequently. When he finishes his schoolwork, he is off and running with his brothers, out to enjoy the day.

First- Mr. Burton

Mason Doppler- Mason is someone who will go out of his way to see how another student is doing. He likes to make friends with everyone. Mason is not afraid of a challenge. He tries his absolute best in everything that he does.

Kylee Wedde- Kylee has a great sense of humor! She loves to laugh and that puts a smile on countless faces. Kylee has become more confident during this year, she is becoming a great reader.

Jacob Brien- Jacob is such a caring kiddo. He is always nice to his peers. Jacob is someone who wants to learn, if he has a question, he seeks help to understand and learn. Jacob is also very funny and once you build a relationship with him, it is bound to come out!

Flynn Shepherd- If you have ever walked by Flynn in the hallway, you probably remember him. Flynn takes it upon himself to reach out to people and ask how they are doing. He always leaves the conversation with, “I hope you have a great rest of your day”. Flynn brightens people’s day every single day!

First- Mrs. Horne

Jacqueline Bogden Jacqueline has been busy at home working through all of the assignments and even has an email address created just for sending me her work! It’s fun to see her on our weekly Team’s meetings and hear about the new swing set her family has built. She also has a new cute haircut!

Jaxson Mayfield Jaxson has been busy working with his family and staying busy on his new bike! I appreciate the messages I receive from him, as he’ll even send some kind words and encouraging messages my way which are incredibly thoughtful and sweet from this big-hearted boy!

James Danforth James has been working super hard on math and reading and spending a lot of time with his family...especially outdoors playing with his siblings! He even planted a new tree outside which looked like a lot of hard work but so cool when he was finished! I enjoy seeing James check in on our weekly Team’s meetings.

First- Mrs. O'Brian

Braylen Johnson-Braylen has had a lot of big changes this year including moving from out of state, but he settled right in and made friends. He is very loving and I miss his spontaneous hugs!

Odin Stringer-Odin has been working so hard while we are remote learning. He asks his mom to meet with me on Teams to read and is making great progress!

Jahnia Bodlovic-Jahnia has continued to work hard while we are at home! She has made a lot of progress this year and her reading has taken off! Something I have learned about her is she is a birder and loves learning about and watching birds.

Second- Mrs. Byrd

Abigail is so sweet and kind to others. She is a hard worker and truly wants to be the best learner she can be.

Baylee might fool you with her quietness, but she has a drive and passion for learning that does not go unnoticed.

Kelvey amazes me each day because she is constantly challenging herself and going above and beyond.

Devan walks comes to class each day with a smile and upbeat attitude. He works hard to always do his best and challenge himself.

Second- Mrs. Merritt

Nathan Green -Nathan is a great kid who is always giving 100% in his daily work. I always appreciate how Nathan can make someone laugh and is a true friend and a wonderful person. He loves being outside and doing activities. Keep up the great work Nathan!!

Katerina Wilson -Katerina is a wonderful girl who has a great heart. Katerina is so caring of others and her beloved animals at home. Katerina has demonstrated her caring heart in taking care of her animals at home. I love Katerina's determination during this time with her school work. Keep up the great work Katti!!

Natalee Tiensvold - Natalee has done an amazing job with completing her work during this remote learning. I always appreciate how Natalee wants to participate in our Teams meetings. Natalee loves to share her ideas and love of learning. She is a wonderful kid!! Keep up the great work Natalee!!

Preston Hill -Preston is a wonderful kid to have in class. He is always going above and beyond with his learning. Whether it is reading a chapter book at home or challenging himself with with the work we are doing in class. I love learning more about Preston and getting to meet his dog in our Teams meeting. I so appreciate your determination and kindness.

Second- Mrs. Kimball

Campbell is a spunky member of our class. She is a loyal friend who isn’t afraid to get dirty and play outside! She is very quiet in class, but when she does speak up, her voice is one we all listen to.

Bryant’s desire to try new things is impressive. He is going to start lacrosse this Spring just because he is interested in it! Bryant is also very kind and I know that whatever I ask him to do, he will handle with a respectful and willing attitude.

Kaylin works really hard in and out of the classroom. She is always working on a project or creating something. I am proud of how much effort she is willing to put into completing her work, even when it is hard!

Madison is an animal lover and knows a lot about all kinds of different topics. She is very creative, especially during writing activities. She has a big heart and is always willing to help a friend.

Third- Mrs. Ford

Kailyb McCormick - Kailyb is responsible, enthusiastic, and excited about learning. He has been turning in his assignments each week and staying in touch with his teacher. He has a kind heart and is always willing to be a friend to anyone.

Cole Horne - Cole has been working hard to complete his assignments while having fun in the fresh mountain air. He loves to express his creativity in a variety of ways! Cole is always willing to be a friend or lend a helping hand.

Grayson Saatzer - Grayson has been doing a great job turning in his assignments and staying in touch. He is very active and loves to play outdoors. Our class has also enjoyed seeing awesome art projects he has created from home!

Sam Woodward - Sam has a caring and gentle heart. He completes his assignments with ease and is quite the mathematician! He has been staying busy at home playing with his two built-in buddies, his brothers.

Third- Mrs. Madsen

John Standage has put forth so much effort in his online school work! He continues to stay positive and creative!

Maci Mehrens has had troubles with Chromebooks but has persevered and has not given up! She is full of determination!

Camryn O’Brian has been really mindful of all the tasks she completes daily. She has even been working hard in crochet club!!

Calvin Schriver has been completing work and I can tell he is working so very hard! I miss seeing him and hope to have him on a video chat soon!

Wyatt Travis has recently moved into a new place but that hasn’t stopped him! I appreciate his strength and positivity because moving, on top of everything else going on nowadays, is really crazy!

Fourth- Mrs. Bonney

Hunter McCormick – Hunter is an awesome kid who always approaches his day with a smile and a positive attitude! He is extremely hard-working and kind to everyone around him. I am so happy that he came to Warren this year and even happier he is in my class!

Kate Downing Kate is a kind girl with a gentle soul and a great love for animals! At the same time, she also has a lot of energy and spunk. This combination of qualities makes her super fun to be around. She is respectful and willing to ask for help, and I love having her in my class!

Ellie Weisgerber – Ellie is an energetic girl with a happy personality and a contagious smile! She has always been able to brighten my day, even now through our TEAMS messages and class video chats. She works hard and is extremely respectful!

Lyla Zitnik – Lyla has a truly kind heart and is very thoughtful of others. She actively participates in her small groups and works hard when she puts her mind to something. Lyla is always ready to tell a great story!

Eli Hoy – Eli is a fun kid with a wonderful sense of humor! He has one of those magnetic personalities that makes everyone enjoy being around him. At the same time, he is very respectful. I have really enjoyed having him in class, even though he is a Raiders fan! 😊

Fourth- Mr. Cicero

Bella Murolo- Bella has been someone who I have really seen take responsibility in her own learning. Bella is not afraid to ask questions and is always on top of getting her work done on time. I have enjoyed playing the same card game virtually (65) as we did during the year. It is always fun to see Bella’s bulldog Frankie pop in during our video chats. I am proud of you Bella (Insert frog voice from Magic School Bus)

Soloman Rutherford- Despite being up in Alaska doing some fishing. Soloman has still been rocking it while we have been away. I really miss getting to see him at school and his awesome dance moves. I will be letting you run laps to get energy out soon buddy. I miss you!

Xavier Griego- I can’t think of Xavier without putting a smile on my face. Xavier has been responsible and has been working super hard. I am excited to see Xavier again so we can pull pranks on Ms. Evans. Thanks for showing off the best hat ever!

Jalyn Gardipee- Jalyn is going all out since we have been away from school. I feel like whenever I am looking online, Jalyn is always going above and beyond. Jalyn always “enjoys” hearing about my Zoom clinics with the Bobcat coaching staff. Keep working hard Jalyn!

Fifth- Mrs. Klemp

Dawson Anderberg–Dawson is working hard on school and he tells me he is also cleaning his house too which I am sure his parents appreciate! He is such a well-mannered kid and I just love it when he joins our chats. He is really taking his learning serious and it is showing!

Cameron Briggs-Cameron has been working so hard even when he doesn’t feel good. He really works well with a variety of people and he is super funny!! He truly brightens my day.

Bryce Cox-Bryce is working hard to stay connected. I would love to see him get in on a few more of our class chats as he has such a great sense of humor!

Zac Glass-Zac has really kicked it into gear this week. I love when he joins our group chats as he is laying outside on his trampoline! He is kind to all and such a good kid.

Henry Coy-Henry continues to rock the academic side of things. He is very engaged in our class chats as well. What a sweet kid! Very responsible and just awesome to have in my class!

Fifth- Mrs. McNay

Conner Tabertt: Conner has been working very hard throughout the year and that has not changed with online learning. Conner has a great sense of humor and I miss hearing his jokes throughout the day. He has shared that he has been out hiking and riding his new dirt bike.

: Rylee is a kind girl with a great love for animals! Rylee is respectful and has started asking for help when she is not understanding the material. This year I have seen great gains in her confidence. I love having her in my class.

: Gracen is a kind, hardworking student. Gracen has stayed engaged throughout this whole time and is always giving his best on each assignment. I have really enjoyed witnessing Gracen’s patience and ability work with any student throughout this year, it is a bright spot in my class! During this time, he has been learning a lot of new things including building a bench.

Dayten: Dayten has such a kind heart and is very thoughtful of others. He actively participates in all activities and is always asking how other are doing. Dayten is always willing to offer a helping hand or a kind word to anyone. I have truly enjoyed having him in my class.

Jordon: Jordon has really kicked it into gear this last couple of weeks and has been doing great on all his assignment. Jordon’s love for football is clear and he always has something to teach me about sports. He is a great kid and it has been a joy to have him in my class!

Abby: Abby has been working hard from day one on her assignments in class and online. I really enjoy Abby’s sense of humor and she always brightens my day with her comments! Abby is an animal lover and during this time she has been spending a lot of time with her dogs, teaching them tricks.

Remote Learning

Look for the K-5 remote learning framework from your child's/ children's teacher Monday morning. Each week your child’s/children’s teacher(s) will send you the weekly work by 8:30. The framework was designed to be accessible and manageable for families. Your child/children will be assigned two English arts assignments, two math assignments, specialist assignments (music, PE, library, counseling), and supplementary science/social studies assignments. Weekly assignments will be due to your child’s/children’s teachers by noon on Friday. Therefore, students can work on the weekly assignments whenever it fits into your family’s schedule. Teachers will be reaching out if they have not heard from a student in a couple of days. We want to stay connected.

Keep us updated on how learning is going. We recognize that we all are navigating different challenges during this unprecedented time. If you are struggling to get work completed, reach out. If you need more work for your child/children, reach out. If your child is feeling sad, reach out. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, reach out. We want to know how we can support your family.

Mrs. Wilkins will be reaching out to families on Monday’s ) if students work from the prior week has not been submitted. The goal of the phone call will not be a “gotchya”; the phone call will be an inquiry on how Mrs. Wilkins can help support your child’s/children’s education. We may no longer be in our building, but we have already shown that our community is strong and will work hard to best support the needs of all our students.

Office Hours

Building wide all staff will be available online from 9:30-10:30. Each teacher has selected additional time to connect and answer any questions you might have. This isn't to say that teachers are not online during other times. However, our teachers are also balancing virtual learning with their own children at home and are expected to participate in several virtual meetings, so please be understanding and patient. E-mails will be returned within 24 hours.
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Warren Netiquette Expectations

  • Class meetings are only allowed when a teacher or staff member is present!
  • Be KIND
  • Only provide appropriate responses to questions, limit the emojis during class discussions
  • Include everyone
  • Limit distractions during TEAMS meetings and focus on the teachers questions or class discussion.

School Lunch Grab and Go

Deliveries will take place 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Monday will include Monday and Tuesday’s breakfast and lunch meals.
  • Wednesday will include Wednesday and Thursday’s breakfast and lunch meals.
  • Friday will include Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s breakfast and lunch meals.

  • Bryant 11:45 - 1:00
  • Broadwater 10:00 - 11:15
  • Central 1:15 - 2:00
  • 4 Georgians 10:00 - 11:15
  • Warren 11:45 - 1:00
  • Dollar Tree 10:00 - 11:15
  • CVS (603 N Montana) 11:45-1:00
  • Bob’s Valley Market 10:15-11:30
  • Rossiter Elementary 12:00-1:00
  • Smith 1:30-2:00
  • Kessler 1:30-2:00

Parents do not need to have their children with them to receive these meals.

These sites are still free to any child 1-18 years of age no matter where they are from or if they are school age.


If you are in need of a Chromebook, please let your child's teacher or Mrs. Hornby (whornby@helenaschools.org) know by Wednesday before noon. We will put you on the Chromebook list for pick up at Warren on Friday from 11:45-1:00

Read-to- Ride Program

The Read to Ride Program is awarding 6 bikes per school (one for each grade). Children earn an entry for each 30 minutes they read (or are read to). The bikes are beautiful bikes from Big Sky Cycling.

Full details and forms can be found on the link below. The deadline for the Read to Ride Program has been extended to May 22 for each elementary student.