Emily Kakos


What does it mean to be invisible? How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

We can raise the awareness about invisible populations by helping out the kids,families to find a better life by raising money and helping kids with a good education and families.

"Homeless Children" - Nonfiction article

“There are more homeless children in America than ever before, a new report said. About 1 in 30 children are homeless, a total of 2.5 million children. These children do not all live on the streets. Instead, they sleep at friends' apartments, in all-night restaurants or spend every night in a different motel.” ( Newsela 1)

In the article “Homeless Children” this means to be invisible because there are children just under the age of 6 that are homeless and living on Streets, sleeping at a friends house, and all night apartment and night in motels. No one is caring about them. In the text it states that the government isn't taking this seriously enough. You raise this awareness about the invisible population by having a plan to fight this by raising money for this kids and family's to go to school.

Things not seen By Andrew Clements

Mom! Dad! I cant see myself!, then come here. I said “But that's the problem - I am here! I can’t see myself! You can’t see me, I can’t seen like, I'm invisible!” (Clements 1-5)

In the book “Things not seen” this means invisible because it states that he’s invisible and no one believes him or cares about him. Also when he walked down the stairs he’s trying to get his parents attention, when he's doing that his parents think Bobby's doing a magic trick. But no one believes him that he's invisible and can't see his self and that's how invisible people feel like.

The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez

“The garage was worn out by years. It had no windows, the walls, eaten by termites, strained to support the roof full of holes. The dirt floor, populated by earthworms and looked like a gray road map”. ( Jimenez 68 (2) )

In the article “The Circuit” this means invisible because Itos family had to live in a garage even when they came to work and live in a bigger place. They are invisible because even if they work hard in the fields 24/7 they still live in a garage. Also he felt invisibly because even living in a dirty garage for a whole season he had to work and go to school that speak all the same language and that know each other and doesn't have to work in the fields. That is how Itos family feels to be invisible to not get that much care by living in a dirty place and working everyday.


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