Come to Victoria, Minnesota

By: Rachel G


It should be freezing cold, the cold air is at the very top or south of the Earth

Minnesota is farther away from the sun than Texas is because Minnesota are tilted away from the sun. Texas is barely facing the sun so it's cold but not as cold


  • 45 degrees North, 94 degrees West
  • Victoria is in the middle of the North Pole and the Equator
  • An average city
  • Prone to tornadoes
  • Not near mountains, but very close Lake Victoria
  • Lake Victoria has cold ocean currents and doesn't change the weather
  • If it was closer to Texas it would be warmer,but nothing can beat the snow


Precipitation and Humidity

  • If there was any, there would be rain
  • The humidity doesn't change much. It ranges from 50-68
  • I was way off, it got warmer than last weeks temperature
  • Wind travels up and makes it colder

Personal Information

  • Feels chilly
  • Got colder in the middle of the week

Snowman weather

  • It's spring
  • High is 32 degrees
  • Low is -13 degrees
  • Winds average to 9 mph
Personal information from Chrissy McKinley