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Local volunteer host families sought to host an exchange student

Students are between 15-18 years old and represent many different countries from around the world. Each student is hoping to become part of your family and be involved in your daily life and activities. Students come with their own spending money, medical coverage, and are looking forward to being involved in all aspects of family life. Host families choose the age, gender, nationality, and interests of the student they wish to host!

To welcome your new family member or learn more about ASSE and it's programs visit:

Why Host an Exchange Student?

"Today, not only parents, but governments, business, and industry are depending on America's high school students to be internationally aware and internationally competent, in short, prepared to participate in today's diverse workplace and global marketplace." -Counsel on Standards for International Education and Travel

By hosting an exchange student you are allowing your entire family to improve our relationship with the rest of the world and learning how to interact with the beautiful and diverse world we live in. While living in your own home, continuing to work and go to school in the same place, and staying right where you're at you can make this happen by welcoming in an international exchange student to your home!

"Our nation must engage with the rest of the world. But to be successful we must listen. Our interaction with the world must be a conversation not a monologue. Many of these conversations begin with exchange programs." -Dina Hubib Powell Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, United States Department of State