Daily Knowledge

It is what you've been waiting for!

A Mouthwatering Race!!

Today, 3 days since the tour, the quadruple contestants lay in a slumped position. They are about to build the stunningly majestic candies in their lifetime. Logan Sweet, Miles O'leary, Phillip Ransford III, and Daisy Carpenter, age 12-13, is not to be distracted because they are brainstorming and no one breaks it. Furthermore, they are in despair with ideas.

There will be only 1 survivor. They will be making his/her own candies. The contestants may not get help from other contestants. Whoever is discovered with an unsecured help, will be immediately disqualified. The final product has to be a candy product. If anyone brings non-candy like a pie, will be disqualified.

On the last day, the contestants will present their final masterpiece to the judges. Then, they will taste it. As soon as the judges are done tasting, they will tell if it is more delicious than the Oozing Crunchoramas or the Neon Yellow Lightning Chew.

Finally, the contestants will make the candies as unique as possibly. Think your candy is good? Then the judges will have something to say about that...

Picture Caption: The Oozing Chunchoramas.

Need to Store Your Water? Flood Your Minds For Ideas!

Friday, March 6th, 12pm

Cleveland, OH, in the Vacant Lot between the buildings.

Who: Sam (Hosting).

RSVP: 972-841-5012 or ASam@ hotmail.com. The winner will be awarded $20!

What: Water Contest, needs water to be stored.

Why: To store water for our precious plants.

Since April, we gardeners have been having lots of trouble bringing water out to our dehydrated plants. We need an idea, a special one that might just conclude this hardship. If you found this help mail, please contribute to our loving plants and crops.

This Year is Yours!

Dear Ms.Marcus,

Today you have been chosen to be the Teacher of the Year. As the teacher of the year, you have the opportunity to give any advises for the teachers to do.

The Eyewitness team will be arriving. They will take your photo and interview to send to the internet. They are on the way to you, so be ready.

If you have any advises, send the letter as fast as you can. The address is 2323 Lowland street, Raleigh, N. Carolina. We are waiting for your envelop soon. Or if using an email address and you are comfortable that way, use email. The address is Cwoodson@hotmail.com.

Any advises are welcome.

Hugs, Collins Woodson.

This year is yours!

Dear Collins Woodson,

I am very happy to hear that. I am absolutely ecstatic! Also, I do not want to teachers and teachers' environment with my advises. So it will be much easier to follow. It will be very short and simple.

The first piece of advice is about having better education on poetry and math. I think those had the biggest impact on my childhood. The second piece of advice is about encouraging kids to have fun. If you're giving out tests anytime soon, give them a review game to help them! So follow these advises and your learning environment will not be disrupted.

I got a letter from the eyewitness team. They're coming at noon tomorrow to interview me about my tactics in learning.

Hugs back, Ms.Marcus.