Notice and Note

A Close Reading Strategy for English AND Spanish readers!

What is close reading?

A way to bring the text and the reader close together. Close reading means to pay close attention to the text.

How can I incorporate "close reading?"

Invite us in for a coaching cycle!!

You and your class learn about each signpost (6 in all), one week at a time (approximately 45 minutes to an hour). Throughout the week you reinforce the signpost that was taught (through shared reading, read alouds, and independent reading) and encourage students to be thinking about the signpost when they read AND see if they can use it in their own writing.

How does this align with what I am already expected to do? In only 6 weeks, you will see your students becoming more engaged with the text, thinking critically about the text, and communicating with others about their reading and writing! (All those things are in our "Every Child Every Day" initiative as well as in our campus problem statement)

Who knows... you might even spark a passion for reading! What do you have to lose?

Or come to our informative session... Notice and Note!

Thursday, March 26th, 3pm

Whitestone Library

Come learn more about Notice and Note and see why you should try it in your classroom!

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