D-T Health / COVID Update

Keeping our school community informed and aware

Week of November 15th Update

Doniphan-Trumbull Families & Staff,

The purpose of this communication is to revisit our goal in responding to COVID-19 in our school, revisit our Safe Return to School Plan, provide reminders as we enter colder weather and more inside activities, and finally to seek additional feedback on our processes.

The Doniphan-Trumbull Public School continues to be committed to communication and partnership in our operations and academics, one component of which involves our support and collaboration with our families regarding COVID-19.

We are so appreciative of our family partnerships as they have been key in keeping our kids well, and helping to support all of our families to stay as healthy as possible this fall and now into the winter weather season. As you continue to read this information, please continue to keep that D-T Cardinal Community spirit and togetherness at the forefront.

Throughout the school year, we continue to emphasize the tried and tested precautions of disease prevention, to include washing our hands, practicing good hygiene, staying home when you are sick and being in consultation with your family doctor or medical professional. These precautions have served our school community well and we look forward to that continuing.

One specific precaution that we want to draw special attention to is in our Safe Return to School Protocols, and it is regarding student fevers of 100.4 or above. As D-T is still operating in the Moderate Risk column (Full Safe Return to School Plan), we will require students to be fever free for 24 hours if sent home from school. It is likely that our school nurse, Ms. Jaime Kreutz, will be the point of contact for these instances, but we did want to draw your attention to this practice in our Safe Return to School Plan.


  • Approximately two months ago, we made adjustments in our notifications to shift from immediate emails across all grade levels, to email notifications in PK-6 where class cohorts exist and general notifications at our secondary level. This communication was supported by our COVID Dashboard posted on our school website that is updated as necessary with positive cases.

  • If you, or your child (when available) are interested in the vaccination for COVID-19, please check the Central District Health Department website or South Heartland District Health Department website for information or to have them answer questions.

Student attendance

  • If a student is sent home from school for a fever of 100.4 or greater, we will require the student to be fever free for 24 hours prior to returning to school.

  • Per board policy on communicable diseases (BP 540.8), students, staff, teachers, and other employees will need a doctor’s note or primary care physician to provide a note with a release date for return to school or work where the disease is no longer communicable. This would include COVID 19.

Finally, as we have previously, please provide any feedback on our plan and our processes to date so we can continually improve our performance and partnership as a school. Please use the link provided here ( https://tinyurl.com/4jfw9dvm ).

As long as COVID-19 remains present in our community, it is expected that cases will affect students and staff at school. Please continue monitoring your child’s health, or your health as a staff member, and pay close attention to any COVID-19 symptoms. If any of these COVID-19 symptoms become present, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider.


Jeremy Braden

D-T Superintendent

D-T Full Return to School Plan

The purpose of these Return to School Protocols is pursuant to the Federal American Rescue Plan Action, Section 2001(i) – ESSER III. The framework is structured to support the district in articulating its plan for in person school in a clear, comprehensive, and transparent manner. The goal of Doniphan-Trumbull administration is for all staff and students to continue to safely participate in on-campus learning.

You access the full return to school plan, in its current form below.

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