Friday, May 6th

Second Grade

Weekly Happenings

All library books are due Monday, May 9th.

If your child has a baggie book please also return that Monday as well.

The Art show is on Wednesday, May 11th from 5:30-8:00 at Shull.

Thank you for making us feel so loved for Teacher Appreciation Week. :) Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us!

Have a happy Mother's day!


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Counselor

Friday: PE

Mrs. Kiger:

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Leadership

Friday: Music

Spelling Words

No Spelling this week

Learning Targets


*I can read accurately and fluently to support comprehension within grade level text.

*I know and apply grade level phonics skills and word analysis skills in decoding words.

*I can demonstrate the conventions of standard English capitalization and punctuation.

We reviewed common and proper nouns this week. We also reviewed capitals at the beginning and ending punctuation.


*I can demonstrate the conventions of Standard English capitalization and punctuation

*I can write an informational piece.

We worked on writing with a topic sentence, headings, details and a conclusion.


*I can interpret data and graphs.

This week we continued learning about data and graphs. We created our own graphs using data given to us. We also told how much more and less.


I can conduct an investigation to determine if plants need water and sunlight to grow.

We stared an investigation about plants this week.


*I can be responsible and kind.

*I can follow directions the first time.

Dates to Remember

5/9: All library books due

5/11: Art Show @Shull

5/16: Field Day

5/17: Talent Show