By Madison R.

The Use Of Silk

Silk was used for many different things. Rich and Nobles were usually the people that wore silk. They made skirts, robes, flat heeled shoes, socks, gloves all made of silk. In the winter people wore silk gowns. The emperor wore a white silk robe. Outside of the kingdom he,his principal wife, and the heir to the throne wore yellow the color of the Earth.Some other things that was not clothing was musical instruments, fishing lines, bowstrings,bonds of all kinds ras paper, the world's first luxury paper. Once silk got more popular common people were able to wear silk.

How You Make Silk

Once the Chinese found out how to make silk the kept it to themselves. What they did was plunged silkworms into boiling water. This will unwound the silk fibers so they can reel them. They would do this on a wheel to make a strong thread. Then the wove the thread by hand or horizontal looms. Weavers can make different thicknesses of cloth, from fine gauze to heavy brocade. Some silk cloth was also embroidered with threads in different colors.
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The Silk Road

Thanks to the Silk Road silk rapidly became popular in different areas around Asia. The Chinese would trade silk for gold. It was named the Silk Road because its most valuable item. Silk was even more precious the gold. The Silk Road was 400-miles long so people did not travel the whole route. The stuff was traded by a series of middlemen. The Silk Road was a big part in silk history. That is why knowing about is good so you can learn about silks trade.

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The Secret Of Silk

For more then 2000 years silk was a secret to the Chinese only. It was one of the biggest kept secret in history. Korea found out when a group of Chinese immigrants settled down in Korea and that bring the silk industry there. In CE 300, it spread into India, Japan, and Persia. In CE 550 is when it reached Europe via Byzantine Empire. It reached Constantinople was when monks working for emperor Justinian smuggled silkworm eggs in hollow bamboo walking canes. In the seventh century the Arabs conquered Persia capturing the silks. It finally spread to Africa, Sicily, and Spain when the Arabs swept through these lands. Then once it gets out from people talking about it it spreads quickly.
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