Manassas Park High School

An AWESOME place to launch an AWESOME teaching career!

Student Choice & Student Voice

At the center of our 1:1 digital initiative is an instructional shift that encourages teachers to give students "choice and voice" as they plan lessons. Student-centered learning means students are responsible for their own learning, while teachers facilitate engaging instruction.


MPHS is 'small but mighty' and our arts program illustrates this beautifully. Despite our small population, students flock to be part of our instrumental and vocal music, theater and visual arts programs. Giving students the opportunity to express themselves through the arts is a priority at MPHS.


Since 2014, MPHS has been a 1:1 digital school, meaning every student at MPHS is issued a device before school starts and 'owns' that device until the school year ends. All teachers are issued laptops and all classrooms are equipped with docking stations and display screens, allowing teachers and students to utilize technology easily and naturally throughout the day.


MPHS illustrates collaboration as a priority through its uniquely designed facility. There is NO faculty lounge at MPHS! Instead, teachers are given smaller pods, shared with fellow faculty from across various grade levels and disciplines.


MPHS is a minority-majority school, with a student body rich in varied cultures. Flags hang in our Commons from over 50 countries, each hanging in recognition of our diversity. As a small, diverse population, you'll find MPHS students are tolerant of each other and tend to easily inter-mingle, avoiding the traditional high school cliques. Inclusion is evident throughout our building, all day, every day!

Achievement, Respect, Freedom, & Fun make MPHS a great place to learn and an even BETTER place to work!

Dr. Deborah Bergeron, Principal

If you have any questions about working at MPHS, don't hesitate to contact me directly!