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Summer Storytelling Experience Edition

Summer Storytelling 2023

Booktalk Sample: The Silence That Binds Us

Watch Ms. Snow's book talk on The Silence that Binds Us, by local author Joanna Ho. This is an example of one of the projects you can do for your Summer Storytelling experience! Find out more by visiting We sincerely hope to invite Joanna Ho to speak at Sequoia in the fall.

Not a book reader? Engage with Media collections in Wakelet

Type in to read collections of podcasts, articles, and media around different themes. Complete the form when you're done at If you prefer to make your own collection, join the space at Either way, once you are done, submit your response

** Wakelet is an academic tech tool that has been approved by SUHSD for student use.

See last year's Summer Literacy Video|2022:

Students and the Summer Literacy Experience
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