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December 6, 2019


“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

When little children first come to the realization that they are helping another – another in the classroom, at home, or in the street – they most often do so by the help or direction of some adult. They give of their time, their snowflakes, their first homemade Christmas card without necessarily associating that gifting/giving with love. But slowly but surely, over a period of time, years, the joy of that making and giving, time spent and sharing, builds up to an internal sense of quiet joy translating itself to warm feelings in the heart felt as love.

Once that connection has been established, felt on its own, a child cannot help but want to make something special for his mother, to help his dad in the garage, to help the old man down the street sweep his sidewalk, to set aside some of his hard-earned allowance for Habitat for Humanity, Greenpeace, Red Cross. This takes time and frequent exposure to this way of “being in the world.”

At MSA, we too expose young children to the opportunities of giving. It is inherent in the Montessori system of education with the mixed age groups. The fives helping the threes tie their shoes; the third graders listening to a struggling first grader with his reading; the middle schooler teaching a 4th grader, a high schooler helping little ones in the Holiday Program.

It is inherent in Montessori with its emphasis on cooperation vs. competition. What can we do together to fix this problem vs. how can I beat everyone else out on the exam? Love slowly builds up until these things are no longer part of the curriculum, they are just a way to live a loving and meaning-filled life.

May your own holidays be blessed and full of love…

Karen Holt

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Dates to Remember

*December 14 - MSA Family Night at Carolina Wren Park, see note about updated date below

December 17 - Half day, early dismissal at 11:30, extended care available

December 17 - Holiday Program -- December Nights, December Lights, 6 p.m.

December 20 - Early dismissal (IT/PR: 11:00, LE/UE 11:30, MS/HS 12:00), extended care available

December 23-January 1 - All programs closed

January 7 - Kickoff meeting and auditions for Annie JR., see announcement below

New Date: MSA Family Night at Holiday Ice

Countybank, the sponsor for Holiday Ice at Carolina Wren Park in downtown Anderson, has agreed to allow us to use our MSA Family Night at the ice skating rink as a fundraising event for the school. To do so, the date of the family night event has been shifted from Tuesday, December 19 to Saturday, December 14 from 2:00-5:00 PM. Waivers designated "MSA" will go home on Friday, December 13. Two dollars from each waiver will be given back to MSA, one waiver per skater and the waiver must be marked "MSA." Cost of the event is $5/skater. We hope to see you there!

Safety Alert

Please reduce speed while traveling on MSA school property. Due to the increased amount of traffic on our campus, we respectfully request that you remain with your children at all times while on the MSA campus. Pedestrians (especially small ones) are difficult to see and we want to address this safety issue to protect the lives of our MSA students and visitors. Too often, drivers are in large vehicles, become distracted and may not see a little one who has gotten away from their caregiver. It is essential that all visitors and students use the sidewalks and remain in control of the children at all times.

All children should remain restrained in their cars at all times and until they have arrived at their respective classroom(s). If your child is in Primary, the teacher will assist in getting the child out of the restraints. SC State law regarding car seats/restraints still apply when on MSA's private property. Please make sure that children under age 13 are in the backseat, properly restrained and in car seat/booster seat if applicable. Please refrain from allowing children to place hands, feet and heads out of the windows and sunroofs. Aside from being unsafe practice, it poses a safety hazard and the behavior is quickly mimicked by other children.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Susanna Merriman, RN

Holiday Program — December Nights, December Lights

We are excited to present the upcoming December Nights, December Lights Holiday Program on Tuesday, December 17 at 6:00 p.m. at Boulevard Baptist Church. Please see this attachment or click on the image below to view the full-sized PDF copy.

Operation: Share the Warmth Tree

The Share the Warmth tree has been placed in the MSA Administrative Building. It only has a ribbon on the top and lights. Our students, families, MSA classrooms, and clubs are asked to provide the decorations consisting of new mittens, gloves, socks, and scarves. Gently used jackets, coats, and shoes will also gladly be accepted. The tree will remain on campus until December 20 when the school closes for the Winter Holiday. The items will then be donated to Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM), a local charity organization. This allows our Montessori students and families to provide the basic need of warmth to those who may not have the ability to stay warm during the cold winter months.

I appreciate your help with this service project benefiting AIM.

Thank you,

Nurse Merriman

Annie JR.

Montessori School of Anderson is excited to announce the school play to be performed March 6 and 7: Annie JR.! The play will include students from Upper Elementary through High School. A kickoff meeting and auditions will be held January 7 from 3:45-5:00. Please see this link or click the image below for the full announcement and cast of characters.

Reindeer Run

Montessori School of Anderson participated in the Anderson Area YMCA Reindeer Run this Saturday morning and won the award for the highest percentage participation for elementary-aged students and teachers! See this Reindeer Run gallery for many more pictures! Thank you to Mrs. Dobrin for contributing pictures to the gallery!
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Emergency Soup Kitchen Donations

The Middle School had the opportunity to deliver the non-perishable food goods collected over the past few weeks to the Anderson Emergency Soup Kitchen this week. Thank you to everyone that contributed food to this worthy cause! The Soup Kitchen continues to need food year-round, so please keep them in your mind as we progress through 2020 and beyond! See this album for a few more pictures of the Middle School delivering the food goods.
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Graham Cracker House Designs

Students in Lower and Upper Elementary will be gaining valuable engineering and design experience by designing and constructing graham cracker houses over the next couple weeks. This week, they made graham-cracker-shaped templates and drew and built their houses using template cutouts. The students will get to build and decorate the real houses soon and will also be heading to Grove Park Inn to view some professionally-crafted gingerbread houses on display there. There are more than 200 entries at this year's contest and we enjoy the annual trip to Asheville to view them! To see more photos of the students' designs, visit this graham cracker house design gallery.
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Hour of Code

Students in Upper Elementary and Middle School participated in the Hour of Code this week, dedicating an hour of their time to coding. Hour of Code is a world-wide initiative to prove that everyone can code, to get people interested in coding, and to show that coding can be valuable no matter what you do in life. See this gallery for more photos from the Upper Elementary hour of code.
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More Model UN Photos

Senior Abby Keenan was able to capture lots of great photos on the Model UN trip to Williamsburg a couple weeks ago. Click on this Model UN album for more!
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Thanksgiving Photos

Abby Keenan also captured many more amazing photos from our Thanksgiving Blessing, organizing donated items, and the upper school Thanksgiving meal and STEAM breadmaking activity. To see more, click here.
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Meet Jaime Emery, Administrative Assistant/Accounts Manager


About me:

I grew up in Pendleton. I now live in West Pelzer with my husband and son.

My education/experience:

  • I graduated from Pendleton High School.
  • I have an Associate’s Degree in Administrative Office Technology from Greenville Tech.
  • MSA is the only place I have ever worked; this is my 14th year.
  • I started out in Primary Stay Late and worked there five years.
  • I have worked Elementary Summer Camp.
  • I worked in Infant Toddler for five years.
  • I was the Business Office Assistant for a few years.
  • Now, I am the Administrative Assistant and Accounts Manager.

My favorite things:

  • Book/Movie - The Blind Side
  • Color - Pink
  • Food/Snack - Tom's Wavy Salt and Vinegar Chips
  • Sport/Team - South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Activity/Hobby - Photography
  • Vacation spot - Beach!
  • Your favorite thing about teaching at MSA - I love my job! I love getting to know each of our families! I love getting to interact with all staff on different levels. I love getting to be part of our awesome administrative team!

Happy holidays from the Yearbook Staff!

The yearbook staff would like to wish everyone happy holidays! Be sure to purchase your student's yearbook online or through the front office before the price increases in January!

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