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Review the weeded reference report below. Contact me directly before the week of the 12/14. Reference will be boxed up shortly after that time. Fiction is up for teachers. Please come down and look through the items that are by the copy machine. These will be cleared after 1/8. Social Studies department please come down before 12/18 to review the books for your department.

Weeded Reference Report

Weeded Fiction Report

Google Comes to Royal Oak High School!

Last Friday a Google Representative came to the ROHS Learning Commons to show some classes the Google Expedition virtual reality tours. Field trips without a bus essentially. This is a program that Google is doing all around the world.

ROMS applied to be part of the expeditions and when I heard I applied as well. Google was super quick to get back with me! I applied in the morning and heard early afternoon. We could only be part of the event if there was a schedule made with 18 unique classes by the next day. There was a bit of a scramble, but I found willing, risk-taking participants that afternoon and made a schedule.

We had some technical difficulties, but for those that experienced the whole expedition, I think they found it beneficial. Students were able to see 360 views of biomes, national parks, London, the moon, career expeditions, and Holy Jerusalem. Being an IB school I can see a lot of benefits to these virtual field trips. Can't wait to see more of these expeditions! Hopefully they will be interactive.


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Students having problems finding their files? Can't find them because they saved them to a specific computer? Have them use Google Drive! Want help doing this with your class? Contact Alyssa Reimold. : ]

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To stay with past practice, please do not send your classes down to the Learning Commons with substitute teachers. Students are not being adequately monitored and technology is being misused/broken. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet Anne and Cassie!

Anne Hartrick (left) is one of our class-size relief paraprofessional. She works from 9:30-11:20 (approximately). If you have copies you would like her to make please fill out the form in the work room above the Learning Commons. There is no one else available during the day to make copies so please make arrangements in advance.

Cassie Fitzgerald (right) is our other class-size relief paraprofessional. She works from 9:30-11:20 (approximately). If you there are copier issues that you can't fix on your own please email her and let her know what the room number is and a detailed description of the issue.

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The LC Lab has changed over to a chromebook lab. Chromebooks should be:

  • checked in by the teacher to ensure they are all accounted for. Please stand by the cart and monitor students putting them back. Your presence is a reminder to them that they need to put them back correctly.
  • plugged in so they are charged for the next teacher
  • placed in so the plug faces out to quickly see they are charging

209 and 211 are now two full labs.


This is information from the board office. This option has been opened to teachers to look up Student MiStar passwords.

  1. New Applications
  2. Enrollment
  3. Reports
  4. Student Connect Passwords
  5. Create or Export Report


Gale Databases:

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Password: ravens


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