Say Goodbye to the Baby Blues

Safe ways to keep your baby healthy

  • Infants Tylenol and myliconInfant Tylenol. After 6 months, you can also have some ibuprofen on hand for fever as well.
  • Pedialyte and Feverall. When the baby is throwing up or having diarrhea, then fluids are critical. Also, Electrolyte replacment solution for dihaerra.
  • Dry skin is a sign of unhealthy skin and in babies it can quickly lead to rashes, itchiness, eczema and possibly skin infections or psoriasis. If you're finding a dry skin area, go ahead and put some safe lotion on the baby
  • For diaper rashes use A&D ointment and/or some other diaper rash ointment with zinc oxide. Lotrimin/Monistat is for fungal based rashes on the baby or the breast. Hydro cortisone for itchy rashes. Antibacterial for protecting cuts. Lanolin is excellent for the first couple weeks and should be used generously for sore nipples on Mom or chapped/blistered lips on the baby, or olive oil can be used on the baby's lips. Rubbing alcohol is useful as well in the first week to keep the umbilical cord clean and dry to prevent infection
  • Gadgets: Ear or forehead thermometer, the new electronic ones are super easy and quick to use. For baby grooming, baby nail clippers are fine for cutting their fingernails.
  • A first aid kit including a digital thermometer to tell the baby's temperature at any time, any prescription medications and a oral syringe, liquid soap, antibiotic ointment for cuts, sterile bandages and gauze, sunscreen for ages 6 months and older, and hydro cortisone cream for rashes.
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