The Wonderful Life I never lived

By: Cade Prier

Set of 10 Descriptive Words that describe me

I am very egotistical and impatient person, but I am also a very generous person to people I know very well. To my family though I am a very condescending person, but I am also motivated and boisterous. I am very intelligent person at some points, but at some points I have no common sense, but I can always cooperative with you, but to my brother I am very outrageous.

Favorite Book and Movie

My Favorite Movie is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", my favorite book is "How the SEC became Goliath" written by Ray Glier
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College Football

I really like college football and like watching it on Saturday to see who is playing who and watching the upsets

Hobbies that interest me

1: Video Games

2: Football

3: Watching College Football

Biggest Influences on me

1: My Family

Lyric/poem best suiting you and the Description

A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe. The reason why it fits me is because the person in this poem has gone through what I have gone through so far in my life

Quote that fits my life

Eighty percent of success is showing up by Woody Allen. The reason why it fits me is because some days I don't want to show up, but I do anyways and I feel successful for that day.

Places that I have been that have impacted me

1: Martin Luther King"s Grave. This impacted me because it was so sad to see a leader in his grave when he had a so much longer to live.

2: Joplin, Missouri. This impacted me because it was weird to see the impact they had and to see them rebuild it.

Somethings that make me laugh

1: People telling funny jokes

2: Watching TV when people use sarcasm

3: Hearing really bad puns

My Favorite College Song

That song is Rocky Top.
Just watch the video