Learning to Discipline your kids

The right way to discipline children (for parents & others)

Facts: On Disciplining

Discipline should be taught to kids by parents or teachers by letting them know that this is what's going to happen if the kid does wrong. If a kid does something wrong then that is where the parent/teacher comes in to notify the child or show action to what they have done wrong. All parents/teachers should follow a inductive discipline approach, which means an adult helps a child by noticing their feelings and pointing out the effects of the child's behavior. It is ok to spank the kid or punish the kid by taking away something if the child does something bad. One thing parents shouldn't do is hurt their kids by beating them, abusing them, or putting fear in them. Most children end up having weak conscience, having bad moral behavior, and not being able to correspond well.

Ways to help discipline kids

Parents should always first reward their kids even though they have done wrong, meaning that tell them if they do right and be good they will get a reward. Secondly they should be clear about their rules so the child can have a clear understanding. Third the parent should neutralize the argument with the child. There are more ways to discipline children, but these are the best ways to do it.
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Why I'm Here?

I am here to help parents and others help learn how to discipline their children the right way. Today many people have different beliefs on doing so to their kids, but not in the right way. So I am here to spread the word on how make parents find a better way to discipline their child.
It's Discipline Not Child Abuse

Discipline or Child Abuse

Above is a short video about a child who calls the police on his mother for whooping him with a belt because she found out he was skipping class. She never hit the kid with her fists or threatened him with any other weapon. She just spanked him three times on his rear end. You decide is this discipline or child abuse? To me as an instructor for you parents whooping a kid in the right way is not bad its another way to teach a kid to learn respect.

Nick Ant-1

Will Smith - Just the two of us (Ant-1 edit) by Nick Ant-1

Two of Us

The song above by Will Smith is for the fathers who love their no matter what happens. It says a little bit about discipline.