Maui Intuitive Healing Bodywork

Listen. Breathe. Receive.

All you need to know is within you right now..

The intention of this work is to attune to your own inner wisdom for well being and wholeness. By allowing yourself to breathe, surrender the mind, be held and nurtured you unlock and unwind tension held in the body and open your heart to working with your own spirit guides, ancestors and angels to find answers to your life's deepest questions.

I am grateful to be able to serve Maui and all the loving energies that are present from the Mountain to the Sea. I look forward to serving you in finding your bliss.

Each session includes an essential oil footbath, sound attunement, massage and a channeled reading

Christina Litman - LMT, Reiki Master, Spirit Guide and Medicine Woman

Healing sessions are approximately 1 hour

Cost: $40/session