Andrew jackson


Reasons for Andrew Jackson being a zero

First reason for being a zero is he loved native lands just not the Indians on it so he forced them off THERE land with family, personal items and all.might i add thousands of people ,her had them travel to Oklahoma where they put them on reservations. Jackson had trust with the Indians and had soldiers escorted them to the reserves. If they didn't complie, death or a beating would be the punishment
Another would be that he abused his power by putting himself above the constitution and vetoed laws that were somewhat necessary and he became two-faced with power at the begging of his presidency he was the common man then toward the end her became selfish and put him self above the constitution, upon retiring & death he owned 150 slaves and owned a mansion...What a common man he was!
The third reason for Jackson being a zero is he put himself above the constitution example.1- trail of tears- h forced Innocent people off the land for his greedy selfishness example 2- put an unfair burden on south due to tariffs example 3- he used his common man act to get votes and rise his political value. Over all he was a two faced selfish (ruler) president.
Trail of Tears Project

so to conclude Andrew Jackson was a no good zero