The Bronx Zoo

Why We Should Go There


The Bronx Zoo, one of the biggest in the country, should be our next field trip location. I know the 6th grade should go because of student interest, its large collection of animals, and because it would be easy to plan.

Student Interest

I believe there is student interest in this topic because in my survey, 86% of respondents gave the Bronx Zoo a three or above out of five, while only 3 people gave a 1. In addition respondents said, " is a great place to learn about animals.", "It sounds like a great experience.", and "I love animals."


8:45-10:00 Bus ride there

10:00-12:30 Visit exhibits

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:15 Bus ride back

The Bronx Zoo - Why It's the Best

  • There are over 6,480 different species of animals in the zoo.
  • Lions - The kings of the jungle can come withing ten feet of you.
  • Or if you like cute, there tons of animals that fit that description, including red pandas, chinchillas, and monkeys.

Cost, Travel, and Admission.

The Bronx Zoo is only 45.8 miles away, plus, it would only take one hour to get there! Admission per person is $12.95. For my equation I would do; Students Admission+Adult Admission+Bus Cost=Total Cost.




In total, it would be about $25 a person.


Thank you for watching this presentation. Please support going to the Bronx Zoo. It's easy to get there, has tons of animals, and statistics have shown that there is student interest.