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In honor of Women's History Month, we present a selection of notable fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels about women's history and experience. They are available to check out from our library.
Women's History - NPHS Nonfiction Books

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Student Reviews

"By the Book"

While the protagonists of the story were young for my taste (the main female turning only 16 during the events of the novel), it was an amazing piece of literature to really reignite (or light up) passions for the classics. It didn't place too much focus on the romance portion, and was, to my surprised delight, very friendship-oriented, coming of age story. I do not typically enjoy to read such books as much as other genres, but this one pulled it off so marvelously that I didn't even realize it was a coming-of-age until the end. My favorite part of this piece of literature, however, was the fact that it was written in a very Austen-esque style. It was not written like a contemporary novel, but the wording instead was like that of classics, because the main character thinks in that sort of prose. It was fascinating to read, and I loved it.

-- NPHS 9th grade student

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Due to the pandemic, the library is not physically open, but our website has many virtual resources. You may place books on hold via Alexandria Researcher, and we will let you know when you may pick them up in front of the office. (View the video.)

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