June 2012 NEWS

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Inspiring, Stunning, Significant, Beautiful, Powerful and Confident

We are a force to be reckoned with! We are the Whootie Whoots and one heck of an amazing team!!!

Team sales toppled over previous months! Can you believe this...we closed June with $85,526.67 in total sales! WOWZERS!

Top Producers for June


Top Individual Sales:

  1. Mark Kechely $6886.07
  2. Vanessa Ramirez $4123.81
  3. Bobbie Balik $3966.68

Top Team Sales:

  1. Melissa Ghane's Team $51917.48
  2. Jill Heimpel's Team $7913.67
  3. Bobbie Balik's Team $5953.39

*Top individual sales are based upon all levels/generations within my team (up to 6 levels).

*Top Team sales include only Rochelle's front level group sales volumes

Here's to our NEW team members!!

With the first two waves released, our team has added 20 new designers.

I want to give you all a warm welcome! We are so happy you joined us!

Please give a warm welcome to:

Stephanie Ledbetter

Sarah Miller

Tina Paul

Stephanie Luke

Vickie Smith

Kimberly Smith

Lu Edwards

Ruth Thoms

Leigh Ronsen

Amy Pippin

Jessica DeShaw

Erin Brackett

Crystal Wessley

Lisa Allen

Jasmyn Richardson

Jennifer Donophan

Cristie Lariviere

Angela Chomicz

Mary Sanchez

Julie Lobos

Monthly Tidbits and tips

  • The jewelry bar concept was released by the nest during Bella's Birthday bash on June 15-16. It's a hit! White dishes and an elegant look!
  • Designers in waiting, with waiting id #'s through 525, have received their enrollment email :)
  • The o2loop is open to all designers, find the team and join us at The team is called Whootie Whoots. o2loop is a great place to obtain answers to your questions, find resources, and communicate with designers across the nation.
  • Remember to ask your customers "Have you SEEN a living locket" while holding a sample out for their viewing.
  • Did you know the team has a Facebook page? Most important information is relayed through this communication channel. If you are not part of the group, be sure to friend your mentor or myself (Rochelle Britton Jungk), so we can add you to the page.
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~Origami Owl~


our mission

Our Mission is to demonstrate the awesome ability that women of all ages bring to the business world.

our vision

Our Vision is to become the preeminent customizable jewelry company within the social selling arena, while making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

our core values

+ To operate by The Golden Rule. + To foster a culture of teamwork, mutual respect, honesty + open communication. + To embrace innovation, creativity + change. + To inspire + motivate with passion, high energy + fun-loving attitudes.


At Origami Owl, we care about you, your dreams and your aspirations. We want to know who you are, who you want to become— and we want to help you get there! YOU are our most important asset. We want to offer women and men an unequalled opportunity for personal success. We provide the best tools available, by sharing our knowledge and experience with you and by cheering you on every step of the way! Be sure to take advantage of everything we have to offer—tap into endless, sources of education, motivation and inspiration, and do it often and repeatedly.

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Congratulations everyone.....Rochelle