Study of air pollution on cities

September - December Activities (2020)

In September and October

  • The pages were created by the joint engagenent of the teachers of the partner schools. All partners filled out introductory pages about themselfs and their schools.

  • All teachers were instructed on how about the twinspace was used after registering their students to the platform.

  • Students created their own gmail account and explored how to use DRIVE to store data.

  • Students introdiced themselves by making slide or avatars speak.

Introductory presentations and videos

Students made introductory videos and presentations on air pollution

Teachers first online meeting

Meeting was held for discussing about the work programme.
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In Nowember and December

  • Each partner school groups were informed about the logo competition. The groups were internally designed logos and sent logos on Twinspace (4 logos max).

  • Students from all partner schools will vote through the questionnaire. The logo which took the most votes belongs to the Turkey student.

Teachers second online meeting

The aim of the meeting was to present ideas for the next collaborative works and evaluate the previous activities.
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Study the toxic substances emitted into the air

Each student from each team was tasked to ask more specific questions about the toxic substances emitted into the air, air pollution and health impact and discuss them. Students wrote and discussed at the Twinspace Forum in International Color Teams.
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