James Morris School

Regional School District No. 6

A message from Superintendent Chris Leone

Dear Region 6 Community,

It is a true honor to officially join the district as the Superintendent of Schools. Since the approval from the Board of Education in March it has been an amazing and welcoming experience. The past 90 days has been a period of learning and in many ways today does not feel like a first day.

The smooth road to transition was paved through the assistance of Ed Drapp and the Board of Education. Families, students, and staff across the region have been very welcoming at district events. During our search for a high school principal it was memorialized that this is home and a community truly dedicated to the focus of educating all of our children.

Over the coming months there will be more to learn but in this introduction a few personal things worth sharing. I am a father of two boys (Xavier, 12, and Xander, 10) who each day make me a better educator when considering any decision. I am a historian by education and enjoy traveling with my family. I believe in superheroes (Iron Man is my favorite) and am a dedicated sports fan with allegiance to the teams of my birthplace (New York).

As my transition continues I look forward to meeting more members of the community. This summer I plan to establish monthly meetings with local elected leaders to foster a shared education vision with all of our partners from Warren, Morris, and Goshen. In August the district will hold a welcome event for Mr. Sabin Loveland who starts as the new WAMOGO principal on July 17. Additionally, you can email me anytime at cleone@rsd6.org or follow district updates on twitter @RSD6_Supt

Best wishes to all for the July 4th holiday.