St. Patrick's Day 2016

Eder Segovia and Ryan Rush

History of St. Patrick's Day

Every year on March 17, The Irish or the Irish lovers around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day. What began as a religious feast day for Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish cultures with food, parades, dancing and people wearing green

When did St. Patrick's Day become a Holiday?

St. Patrick's Day became a holiday on March 17th, 1903

Who celebrates St. Patrick's Day?

Everyone around the world celebrates St. Patrick's Day and they celebrate St. Patrick's Day because of this Patron Saints of Ireland who died on March 17, 493

Interesting Facts

  • St. Patrick wasn't Irish, he was from Wales
  • The Shamrock was originally a teaching tool
  • First St. Patrick Parade took place in New York in 1760's
  • For many years Blue was used for St. Patrick's Day and green meant unlucky
  • Every year in Chicago they make the River "Kelly" Green and last for 5 hours
  • Every year, The Irish leader gives a bowl of Shamrocks to the U.S. President but its later destroyed by the Secret Service

Buenos Aires, Argentina

They are the host to the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration in South America. They do a parade, street parties, dance, and play music. They also have Celtic Argentina where they are troupe dancers.


More than 80,000 people show up for St. Patrick's Day and Family Day in Sydney, Making it the biggest event in the southern hemisphere. They go big on these days with tons of games, food, music, activities, and a massive parade as the finale.

How does St. Patrick's Day effect Buenos Aires

  • Increases sales for bars and restaurants
  • Everyone gathers for the parade
  • People gather to listen to traditional Irsh music
  • Increases sale of green clothing

How does St. patrick's day effect australia

  • Learn and celebrate Irish culture
  • Breakfast and lunches are held in the St. Patrick's Day spirit
  • A large parade is thrown
  • Pub's have sales and are open all day
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