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Buy from Marie Peppers ** She gives proceeds to Pet Rescue

You can help our Pet Rescue & Sanctuary with your purchases **

New God Bless Warmer on Sale in June ( NEW ) , 10% off --- I sell Scentsy all year long to help the pets; We also give to National Pet Rescue efforts - I give to many Rescue groups year round - Please buy your Scentsy here - Also, NEW Bananaa BERRY Bar on Sale **

Marie Peppers is owner of Marie's Peaceful Surroundings Pet Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary cares for Seniors, disabled and end-of-life care for pets with cancer or terminal diseases; We are a Non Profit here in S.C. ** Certificate of Incorporation as a Nonprofit state of S.C. on Jan 4, 2013 ; Still waiting on our IRS 501 status ;
Ms. Marie's Peaceful Surroundings; it will be for "end of life" care for dogs, cats, pigs and others; Also, we will continue to care for Long term Rescued Foster pets needing help