About Local And Global Winds

By: Kayla . W

Global Winds

Trade Winds. Westerlies. Polar Easterlies. These are all caused by Global Winds. Global Winds are winds, that blow in the same direction everyday. For example, "The Coriolis Effect" causes wind traveling north curve to east, and winds traveling south to curve west. Those are some of the reasons what the Global Wind is.

Local Winds

Sea Breeze. Land heats up. Land Breeze. Here, I'll show what Local Winds are. When you are at a hot, blazing day at the beach. Do you ever notice why the land heats faster, than the water. Well that's called "Sea breeze". Sea Breeze is when the warmer air over land rises, while the cooler air over the ocean rushes in to take its place. Many ways it can be called is a sea, or onshore, breeze!! Without Sea Breeze there will never be Local Winds. Why its a bad thing, is the heat can heat up the water, and there'll be no more water at the beach... Below, you can see a picture of Local Winds!!!
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Sea Breeze and Land Breeze

Both Land and Sea Breeze are from Global Winds. Sea Breeze occurs mostly in daylight, the sun cools the water, and the sea breeze heats the land ( sea to land ). How Land Breeze occurs at night, the lighthouse heats the water, and the moon cools the land ( land to sea ). All these are form like the water cycle, but they're still very different.
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