Traci Usher

The worlds best cookies

Her background

She was born on And she was taller than any 6th,7th,and 8th grader, she was in 7th grade and their was only one boy that was taller than her. A group of 7th, graders made fun of her for swimming. Then the she would get ganged up in the corner ever single day. They were stronger than her but she was taller. She finally shoved threw them and they all fell then the next day they she never saw them again.

A Lesson She Learned

If you try you can do great things.

When she was years old she make up the resipe. The first cookie that she make was the . I was not eve alive when she made them up. But when I was 2 years old he got to try the awesome cookie cake that she made. She started her own business and she did not have the buss that my dad made. So then she would tell all of her family and friends and they would tell them. Then everyone was buying them.

Sean Usher