Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Book Summary

Class book summary: Scene, when giants attack

The last day of school nothing bad had happened, yet. Percy Jackson had been going through his classes peacefully, and when he had gotten to P.E is when something bad had happened. Giants, yes a group of Giants had found him and had started to throw large flaming balls at Percy Jackson. Eventually his Friend Tyson who is also a cyclops had saved his life, but still the gym of the school had been blown up by the many flaming balls thrown. Then guess who gets blamed for it, thats right Percy Jackson himself. This is important in the story because it is where the conflict starts.

Full book summary

The book is a continuation of of the first book in the series, starting when Percy Jackson and his friend Tyson are trying to save Camp Half-Blood from losing it's magic and trying to save his other friend Grover.


This picture relates to the scene above: when giants attack.