Camp Pre-K News

Ms. Summer and Ms. Valerie

February 4, 2016

Reader's Workshop

Tuesday, we began the week with My "c" book by Jane Belk.

Thursday, Ms. Missy presented the story of The Good Samaritan to all of the classes during our Bible Kick off for the month. This month our focus is on love.


In honor of our furry friend, Puxatony Phil, Tuesday, we explored our shadows with a new thing called a projector! The class absolutely loved this discovery! They were able to place items on the projector itself or use their bodies to make a variety of shadows!

During discovery time on Tuesday, the class was given the option to make more shadow prints on black construction paper with their hands using different mediums, either a paint/water mixture or chalk.

Wednesday, we explored colors during discovery time with baking soda in a tray. The class used pipettes and a vinegar/food coloring mixture to create color experiments in the morning!


Wednesday, our class focused on the number 19! These larger numbers are difficult for the class and it takes us a bit more time to complete the activities. The students are encouraged to take their time on these because they know that if they try to "rush" through things, they will have to re-do their work. You may have noticed the class sitting around the classroom doing their work and this was to assist them with a quieter working space as they counted. Some friends are getting distracted and find it hard to concentrate and focus while their neighbor is counting out loud as well.

Social Studies

Tuesday, we talked about Groudhog's Day and what exactly this was supposed to mean! The class was super pumped knowing that Spring will be here soon! We also read Gregory's Shadow by Don Freeman.

Thursday, we had our Super Bowl party and talked about how our community celebrates this event. We also celebrated Paige's birthday with come tasty homemade donuts!

Writer's Workshop

Our letter this week was "C". We are continuing our unit in "corner starting capitals." Everyone in the class came up with at least 1 word that began with the letter 'C"! What a list we had!

Thursday, we worked on our Valentine's Day bags for our party next week!


Library books are due every Thursday! If a student has 2 BOOKS checked out, they will not be allowed to check out another book until at least 1 book has been returned!

Feb. 9: Valentine Party 2:00-3:00

Parents are welcome to attend. Please send in your Valentine's Tuesday morning, as we will be exchanging Valentines that morning! Many have asked if it has to be just a Valentine or a little something to go with it. You and your child may provide whatever sort of Valentine to pass out! Just a reminder of our peanut allergy.

Feb 11: NO KCLC

Feb 18: Carson's Birthday

Feb 23: Book Fair

Feb 25: Book Fair

Jimmy's Birthday