The Roaring 1920's

Editor: Annalise Haines

A New and Exciting World

This is a new start for all of us. We have the newest entertainment, the latest crimes, and how women are taking over our world! You'll find all of the latest news right here!

The Newest Entertainment

Music and Show Industry Booms

Music is becoming very popular nowadays, along with shows. Go see a show in the theater or go watch a play, whatever you prefer best! Listen to music, whether it be in person or through the radio. We have some extra information everything so read on if you would like to know more!

Women are the new extraordinaires

The Women of Today

Many women are taking America by storm. Here and now is where women take a stand and make themselves known. A lot of women want to prove that they can do just as much as men can. I think they're doing just that too! Keep it up, women!

Crime and Scandal

What's Happening Now

This is a very scandalous time but the government is trying to stop these things from happenings right now. We have the latest new on all crimes to keep you updated and safe, in case of an emergency.