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February 12, 2016

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Follow Friday

My first follow is @R10Tech which is the Region X technology folks. Kasey Bell who was on an early follow list and Ashley Gilliam are the ones driving this train and both are amazing. There is a new Region X Twitter Chat Hosted by @R10Techt hat just started on February 2. Just login to Twitter on Tuesday nights at 7:30 and follow the hashtag #R10chat. The topic for the first chat was formative assessments, something near and dear to all of our hearts! Twitter chats are fun to watch as an introduction to the amazing PD resource Twitter can be!

ClickBait- Watch the Video Linked Below

Tool of the Week- Thinglink

I know that I have talked about Thinglink before, but I think it is worth revisiting.

Thinglink takes pictures and creates hotspots that can be links, video, images, text, or more! This is something you could have students create as an assessment or you could create one for the students to explore.

Check out this example of a ThingLink about the French Revolution.

Or this student created example of a cell

Or this math example of 3D Figures

Plus, Thinglinks can be embedded in Moodle!!! Check this out if you are looking for a different way for kids to show you they understand something. It is really a neat little tool!

Tip of the Week- Make Big Text

Do you ever just want to type something really big on your screen for the kids to see, but you get tired of opening PowerPoint or Slides just for that purpose?

Here are two of the easiest tools you will ever see.

Gzaas is a favorite of mine and the only drawback is that I cannot always remember what it is called. Bookmark it if you love it so you will never be without it again!

Or you can try Crafty Text, which is a Chrome extension. You click on the little puzzle piece icon that lives in your browser window after installation, and you type your text. then you close it. So incredibly useful for such a wee little tool!

Cybersafety Note- Geotagging Pictures

Check with your phone provider and make sure you have geotagging turned off on your phones and devices before you post.

Want to know why? Check out this site:


What they have done here with cats could be done with anyone.

ISTE Standard of the Week

Almost done! This week we are back in standard 4 which is about critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning, and it reads "Students should use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate tools and resources. Part C says specifically that students should be able to collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

I found this interesting this week because I have just been diving into our survey results from the Clarity Bright Bytes survey that we took in the fall, and the area of data collection and analyzation was a weaker area of ours. Infact, district wide, 46% of teachers report that they never ask students to collect and analyze data. It also said that 47% of our district's teachers never ask students to identify and solve authentic problems. Something to think about!