Hardworking Ant

By Kaleigh Sebban

How hard they work

Ants are hardworking animals now im going to tell prove to you how hard they work. As you all know well some of you know that ants work up to 19 hours a day! Wow thats a lot for a tiny ant. And I mean a lot. Ants carry fod on thir backs so they can carry food around and bring them to thir homes.

Hardworking ants

Ants work for food and, dig holes so they can make homes. Ants can sleep up to five hours a day that's more than a avrage human. Most ants well all ants prefer fire ants as enemies because the sign of red means enemy so that's why. Ants are sensitive and will bite you even if you go near it.

Some people don't know why. Ants lick larva seeds from baby ants so they don't dry out and so they can hatch and turn into an ant. Also younger ants work in the nests tending the queen ant and feeding larva.

Ants can carry more than thir weight. Compared to humans thats a lot for a tiny little Ant also they can carry food queen ants baby's etc. Ants dynasty is over one million years. Wow that's almost longer than dinosaurs!

Ants begin thir life's by cleaning themselves.

In a couple of days ants start sharing food. And they start liking each other. These food exchanges and bonds the ants together. Most ants build thir homes underground so they don't get catched by thir prey.

The end