New York

Come Visit the Best Colony in the New World

The History of New York

New York was originally named New Amsterdam when settlers from the Netherlands arrived and claimed this land. The Dutch were there in order to gain access to fur and other resources for trading purposes. Many Dutch settlers were then persuaded to settle in New Amsterdam. Later, Great Britain conquered New Amsterdam when the Dutch surrendered it to them. The British, specifically James, the Duke of York, changed the name of the colony to New York.

The Geography and Economy of New York

New York is located in the Middle Colonies, which is one of the three areas that the colonies are divided into. More specifically, it is located above Pennsylvania and is located the farthest north of the Middle Colonies. New York has a wide range of geographical features, including mountains in the north and access to a lake in the west. The land is very fertile. The fertile land and access to the lake makes this colony a great place for farming; wheat is one of the main products grown here. Fur, iron ore, coal, and wood are some of the many natural resources you can find here. The natural resources for trade and farmland make New York an economically prosperous place since the agricultural and natural resources are exported to Great Britain.
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The Colony's Characteristics

After Great Britain conquered New York, many of the already present Dutch settlers chose to remain there, so New York is very diverse, which is unique to the other colonies. New York is very religiously tolerant providing a colony for a wide range of religions, including Catholics and Quakers. New York is one of Great Britain's royal colonies; this connection to Great Britain contributes to the prosperity of the colony.

Major Events and People

  • The Dutch founded New Amsterdam in 1626.
  • The British conquered New Amsterdam in 1664.
  • Peter Minuit was the governor of New Amsterdam; he bought Manhattan Island from the natives.
  • Peter Stuyvesant was the last governor of New Amsterdam; he surrendered to the British.
  • James, Duke of York, gained New Amsterdam and named is New York.

Why Come Here?

New York has so much to offer, including all of its natural resources. It is also a great place to farm, which leads to a prosperous life of farming and trading. Also, New York is ruled by Great Britain, so Great Britain protects and assists New York. New York does not experience harsh summers or harsh winters, so it is a great place year-round. It is also very diverse and does not discriminate against the Dutch, as well as providing a religiously tolerant colony. All of these things keep New York the most thriving colony in the New World.