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January 2020

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New Braunfels Public Library STEM Opportunity

The NB Public Library has put together a fantastic (FREE) STEM Camp to be held at the Westside Community Center. The camp is open to ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS. The goal of the camp is to promote more 1st Gen Scholars, but ALL scholars are welcome.

The camp takes place in 10 sessions over the course of 8 weeks (see flyer). Their coordinator says that spaces are filling fast, so kids will need to register ASAP!

6th Grade

Museum Walk

Students discussed questions from current trending issues then cooperatively designed a display that represented the thoughts, ideas, and solutions of the group. Students conducted a Museum Walk and voted for the most valuable displays.

Ms. Redwine

6th GT Advisory



Ms. Beabout

6th GT Advisory



7th Grade

GT 7th Grade Competition Practice

Beginning in January and going through March 7th grade GT will begin preparing for their 7th grade competition with NBMS. The students have been put on mixed teams and will compete with other NBMS 7th grade GT students. The competition will be called STEAM-O-Rama and will focus on 3D printing, Destination Imagination instant challenges and acting/skit challenges, robotics and quick writing. Parents are not allowed at the competition due to parking issues, but we will take and send many photos!

Students started out working on getting to know you activities with their teammates. Games such as 20 questions, Two Truths and a Lie, Desert Island, 5 Facts Guessing, etc. and specific board games that challenge and help students learn their strengths and weaknesses with one another.

Ms. Strom, an NBISD technologist, spent a week working on robotics with 4 teams at a time while the others did more teamwork activities. This week they learned more about the 3D printing process from Edwin Braun, another NBISD technologist, using the website Tinkercad to design 3D images for the competition.

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Ms. Brooks

7th GT Advisory



Ms. Stanush

7th GT Advisory



8th Grade


When we returned from the holiday break, 8th grade GT spent time reflecting on their Farmer's Market experience. They completed team evaluations on how they thought they did and what can be improved and presented their team reflection to everyone. They wrote thank you letters to their sharks for sponsoring them. They also played The Newlywed Game to get to know their team even better to prepare for the second semester. Congrats to Un Poco Loco for winning! Below are photos of students participating in STEM challenges this week.

8th grade's field trip to Texas State University will be Friday, April 3, 2020. Be on the lookout for more information about this in the upcoming months.

Ms. Bryant

8th GT Advisory



Ms. Cowan

8th GT Advisory



Upcoming Events

7th GT Competition

Tuesday, March 31st, 8:30am-2pm

2932 S IH Frontage Road

New Braunfels, TX

Both middle school 7th grade GT students will compete in mixed teams at an event called STEAM-O-Rama. They will be tested in a variety of skills such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality, Destination Imagination instant challenges, acting skills, robotics and quick writing. This event is closed to parents due to lack of parking, but we will share photos and products of what the students created at our Parent GT Expo in April. This event will be most of the school day.

8th Grade Field Trip

Friday, April 3rd, 8:30am-3pm

601 University Drive

San Marcos, TX

8th grade GT students from both middle schools will be going on a campus tour of Texas State University. They will also get to shop the campus bookstore for college swag and eat at a campus dining hall.

6th GT Field Trip

Thursday, April 23rd, 10am-2pm

1671 Interstate 35 Frontage Road

New Braunfels, TX

6th GT will be attending a field trip with NBMS 6th grade GT students to the NB Escape Haus most of the day to test out and practice the skills they spent the year working on such as critical thinking, partnerships, teamwork, behavior, leadership, etc. More info to come as it gets closer!

GT Parent Expo

Tuesday, April 28th, 4:30-6pm

415 Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

Please join us for a come-and-go presentation of what your child has been working on all year in GT!

Amanda Hunt, Librarian and NBISD Secondary GT Facilitator

Please contact me or your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the GT program at ORMS.

Blake Haygood

Blake is our district's GT Advanced Academics Specialist.
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