Descriptive Writing Assignment

By Caleb McAulay

The Kangaroo Crisis

The candles were lit the presents were stacked and the party kangaroo was here. after minutes of preparing for the best birthday party ever I heard a huge “THUD”, when I Looked out the front window there was nothing there then I went to the back door and I heard another “THUD” and opened the door and found out that all hell broke loose. When I got outside I saw kid laying on the ground with bloody noses, black and many more horrible things. I heard kids screaming then “POW”, next thing I know I’m laying on the ground like a rotting corpse, I bolt bolt up and look around, but nothings there. I walk around slowly and carefully helping kids in my path that seemed to be knocked out cold. as I help the up a little girl she screams and runs away, then “BANG” I was knocked off my feet and back on the filthy earth with my face caved into the dirt amazingly I didn’t break my nose but I now have serious back pain from whatever is hitting me in the back. this time i stay on the ground and see the kangaroo walk by and I realize my son will say this was the worst party in the entire universe.


Pain is as red as blood

Pain tastes like a rotten apple

Pain smalls like a rotten egg

Pain reminds me of death

Pain sounds like crying and whimpering

Pain makes me feel like dying


Joy is as colorful as a rainbow

Joy tastes like freshly baked cookies

Joy smells like a field of flowers

Joy reminds me of love

Joy sound like kids on Christmas morning

Joy makes you feel amazing