My Smore Flyer

Julio Castro

Being a singer in life

I remember when I was 6 years old I loved to listen to bands like green day blink 182 and sometimes a little of the killers I love rock music and indie music stuff like Bastille Coldplay and never shout never

Music training

I love music and I want to be a singer and my dream is to perform at warped tour with some of the greatest band well to me maybe not to others but to me tranning is a bit difficult u have to warm up ur voice and have to be careful with the high notes because you can hurt ur vocal cords and music school is pretty expensive close to about $36,514 for undergraduate tuition

The advantages and disadvantages

The good thing of being in a band or two people or even alone u get to go to tours meets ur friends from different bands or even legendary bands go in rv's to ur tour and sing in front of millions of fans. The bad thing about being a singer is that you sometimes get cut off because the manager had stuff going wrong something like personal stuff

The salary of a singer

Pretty much it's how much tickets the band sells and that's if the people show up but I'm pretty sure if u r liked by a million people u have a good chance of getting a lot of money and with the money u get maybe not to sure u can afford a beautiful house and I think the life style will be hard because of popularity but to me to won't bother me

The end

When I grow up i will work my ass off so my dreams can come true and the bands inspired me to do this and they are me heroes and I want to perform with them even thought they are gonna be old