Coffey Anderson @ UWB

Live Music On Campus

Coffey Anderson @ UWB

Thursday, April 3rd, 12pm

Food For Thought

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All Of Me - John Legend (cover by Coffey)

"If You Don't Believe In Yourself, Nobody Else Will" - C. Anderson

That’s what Coffey Anderson realized the first time he held a guitar in his hands—and it transformed him from a college basketball star to a singer, songwriter and entertainer.

In 2008, he auditioned for Nashville Star and was the first
contestant of color to become one of the top 12 finalists. On his way to the top 4, he performed one of his original songs, “Southern Man.” Finally, he had the chance to show America who he was while playing on a national stage.

Until the new release, Coffey has a message for his fans that’s a lot like the mantra he lived by as he was just starting out…

“You’re just one ‘yes’ away from something good happening
for you. Give yourself a chance, and watch that ‘yes’ come.”