Jeffry David Mueller

August 3rd 1842 - May 12th 1861

Background Life

Jeffry or Jeff was born august 3rd 1842 he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to the parents of Nancy and Robert Mueller. Jeff had 1 sister-Mary and 2 older brothers- Edward, and James. When he was younger he enjoyed playing outside and taking care of his animals on the farm. Going through school Jeff always had good grades and he loved hanging out with his friends and studying after school. He got his first job when he was 14, he worked as a dishwasher at the west side market, Jeff continued to work as a dishwasher until he was 18 and decided to go into the service. Once Jeff turned 18 he went into the army and decided it was time to fight for what is right in this country, slavery needed to end.

When It All Happened

Jeffry's journal explained it all; from routines to experiences, and here is just some of it. "Today, april 12 1861, was the same day as ever, I awoke early in the morning and crawled out of my tent, went to the bathroom, woke my partner up , then I went and talked to the generals about what's going to happen and how we're going to handle it, we were all just sitting around the fire talking and taking in the fresh air when all of a sudden we heard gun fires then we knew something bad was happening and or was about to happen. We all got prepared and was just sitting, waiting, watching for something to move in the distance so we could fire. After about an hour we finally seen something move, it was the shape of a human so we all stood up and was ready to fight. We fired and then it all started, bullets flying every which way, up, down, left, right, just everywhere. And with that comes death. I was lucky enough that I didn't die." Then Jeffry continued to write in his journal every day about the war that has started.

Life During Civil War

"I was always scared. I never knew if the confederates would come sneak up on us and attack" he stated in his journal. " I would wake up every morning in my little tent which was in our small camp which had multiple people packed into one tiny tent to stay protected from the weather- to keep us from getting sick- to have more slaves to fight for the right of slaves. Before all of us woke up the generals were up, when i were to awake I would hear the generals talking about what we were going to do that day and where we were going to move." " I told General Lee that I was scared. He slapped me across my face and turned my check as red as a tomato, like the tomatoes momma made not that the fake nasty ones they give us here, they taste horrible." Mueller stated that the life of war was a thing that he wouldn't wish upon his worst enemy, it's horrible, but it's all worth it he says, "i'm willing to give my life up to save a slaves".

April 20th

Today the war was even worse so many have died, I can't even imagine how many. I asked my fellow partner today "for what did these masters had to do those slaves so badly that it had to lead to this- to war, to so many people dying? why can't they just let those slaves be free and worthy of what they really are? contraband is contraband they didn't want to be property anymore and they needed to be free and not under others control" he replied back "Jeff them masters just ain't caring about anybody but themselves. They only want their things done and they want them done right, without slaves they won't be getting their work done on time and they'll be doing it all wrong, but with us fighting like this we should be able to end slavery and let all the negroes be free, like us.

May 11th

" 3 days ago I got shot 5 times, 3 in the chest and 2 in the arm. I'm currently in the "hospital" I feel like i'm about to die, I can't move very well and need a lot of assistance with what i need. I'm struggling writing, Sitting here writing this makes me think of why I'm doing this; but I remember that these contraband need help and need to get out and become free negroes, I've been to the south and seen how those masters treat them slaves, it's horrific. I feel so bad for them slaves, gettin' whipped for doing one little thing wrong when them masters do lots of things wrong all the time.

May 12

"Im even weaker now, it's a horrible pain. The doctors cannot take the bullets out of chest because there too far in my skin, it's almost promised that i'm going to die lying here in this bed. The children from the neighborhood came to the hospital this morning and brought us their toys to play with to make us feel better. I felt even worse for those children, having to witness all these deaths.


Jeff died later that day, in his hospital bed, just like he expected. Leaving behind his dear fiance Ann, who is pregnant and is a few months away from giving birth to their little boy which Ann is now planning to name Jeffry David Jr. His 2 brothers and his little sister. Jeffry's parents died earlier that year. His family and friends just received the news and they are heartbroken and aren't taking it easily. Jeffy was a heart worthy man and will never be forgotten for his courage and strength.

Final Outcome

With over more than 20,000 men dead at the end of this battle we have finally ended slavery and the world is becoming better than ever. Slavery has ended; but the North and the South still don't fully get along, still the North has more materials than the South but eventually it will even itself out. A Lot of the former slaves now life in the North where they know it is 100% safe, yet some former slaves still remain to the South to their homes and families, but never with a master or with someone to tell them what to do.
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